international tape ball cricket tournament schedule 2022

Cricket, commonly referred to as the religion of places such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh is played in a variety of formats, ranging from T20s to Test matches. For instance types of cricket, the tape ball has become a favored method, particularly in areas in which resources for traditional cricket are in short supply. This article explores the phenomena of cricket played with tape and offers a glimpse into the international tournament of tape ball cricket timetable for 2022, international tape ball cricket tournament schedule 2022.

History of Tape Ball Cricket:

Tape ball cricket has its beginnings into the slums of Pakistan in the early days of cricket, when young players played the game in a way that was improvised because of the lack of the proper equipment. Instead of with the harder cricket ball, the players went for a tennis ball that was wrapped in electrical tape to increase its visibility and make it more sturdy to play on rough surfaces such as roads and empty lots.

Rise in Popularity of Tape Ball Cricket Tournaments:

In the past the game of tap ball cricket has grown tremendous popularity, not just in Pakistan but also in other cricket-loving countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and even in expatriate communities around the world. Its casual and easy accessibility makes it a preferred sport by both competent and amateur players alike.

The form of tournaments with tape ball cricket varies in a variety of ways, from games in the neighborhood to larger-scale international tournaments. These tournaments draw players of all ages and levels, encouraging an atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship in communities.

International Tape Ball Cricket Tournament Schedule 2022:

2022 is set to bring an exciting series of international tournaments of tape ball cricket that showcase the talents and enthusiasm of players from all over the world. Here is a rough list of the most important tournaments scheduled for the year 2022:

  1. World Tape Ball Cricket Championship:
    • Date: June 15th – July 3rd, 2022
    • Location: Dubai, UAE
    • Cricket teams from all over the world will be competing to win the prestigious title this extremely anticipated tournament.
  2. Asian Tape Ball Cricket Cup:
    • Date: August 20th – September 5th, 2022
    • Location: Karachi, Pakistan
    • Teams from all over Asia will compete to win the title in this ferociously competitive championship.
  3. European Tape Ball Cricket League:
    • Date: September 10th – September 25th, 2022
    • Location: London, UK
    • European fans of cricket will be able to witness the accurate in tape ball cricket as teams from various European nations compete for the trophy of champions.
  4. Americas Tape Ball Cricket Challenge:
    • Date: October 8th – October 23rd, 2022
    • Location: New York, USA
    • The excitement of cricket will be felt across throughout the Americas when teams representing North as well as South America compete in this thrilling event.
  5. African Tape Ball Cricket Invitational:
    • Date: November 5th – November 20th, 2022
    • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
    • It is expected that the African continent will be hosting this highly regarded tournament, with teams from a variety of African nations, displaying their skills at playing cricket with tape.


The game of tape ball continues to delight fans of cricket across the world by its accessibility and simplicity. The world-class schedule of tournaments featuring tape balls for 2022 promises a thrilling performance of sportsmanship and talent which will further establish the popularity of the tape ball cricket game as a cherished format in players.


What exactly is tap ball cricket?

 A Tape ball cricket an alternative to cricket that is played using the ball of a tennis player wrapped in electrical tape. It is particularly popular in areas in which traditional equipment for cricket is in short supply.

What makes the game of cricket played with tape different to traditional cricket?

Cricket played with tape is played with a soft ball, often on rough surfaces such as streets or empty fields, making it more accessible to a wide variety of players.

Are there international tournaments that focus on tap ball cricket?

Absolutely, and there’s a number of international tournaments for tape ball cricket every year, that draw teams from different cricket-playing nations.

Where can I get more details about tournaments for cricket played with tape balls?

You can go to official websites of cricket or subscribe to cricket news channels to get updates regarding upcoming tape ball cricket competitions as well as schedules.