What We Know and Don’t About news hunter biden laptop in 2023

news hunter biden laptop, Allies of President Trump have been pushing accusations of corruption directed at the son of the former vice president in an attempt to harm Biden’s campaign. Biden campaign.

The Trump administration’s allies have for years been promoting allegations that there was fraud about Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son Hunter in a bid to hurt the credibility of. Biden’s presidential bid. The allegations grew more intense recently when a few of the. Trump’s close associates and attorney for his private practice Rudolph W. Giuliani, have provided information for an New York Post article detailing some of the accusations. The Post reported that the F.B.I. had confiscated a laptop computer is believed to belong to news hunter biden laptop.

Biden campaign has denied the allegations. Biden campaign has resisted the allegations. There are still many questions about the source of the allegations as well as the laptop, and what agents are looking into, news hunter biden laptop.

What are the accusations that Mr. Trump and his allies are making?

The Washington Post article was based on documents that were purportedly pulled from the computer in an attempt to support an unsubstantiated claim made from Mr. Giuliani and other Trump supporters: that while vice president the vice president. Biden had shaped American foreign policy towards Ukraine to favor his son. These events are the latest in the more than two-year campaign by the President and his associates to expose shady information about the Bidens as well as a search that also led to the. Donald Trump’s removal from office.

The late Mr. Biden has long said that he had no knowledge about his son’s business ventures in Ukraine. The article suggested Biden, the vice-president of his time sat with an adviser of an Ukrainian energy company which the board of Hunter Biden was a member of, Burisma Holdings. The article referenced an email the advisor, Vadym Pozharskyi, sent to Hunter Biden thanking him for “giving an opportunity to meet your father” and also to take “some time together.”

How did the laptop’s surface appear?

A computer repair shop’s owner located in Wilmington, Del., known as John Paul Mac Isaac has stated that Hunter Biden left a damaged Apple computer at his repair shop in April, 2019 and requested to retrieve any information. He. Isaac said in an interview with The New York Times last week at the shop, he said that he was legally blind and couldn’t know for certain if the man identified himself as Hunter Biden but asked his name for an order for work and the man confirmed him by the name of Hunter Biden. He. Isaac said the man visited his shop twice but didn’t return to get the computer or the external hard drive that the contents were stored.

At an opportune time, he decided to look into the information and deemed it “alarming” and “embarrassing” but not revealing any specifics. He also said that he was embarrassed by the information. Isaac also said he took a backup of the contents of the computer.

How did the F.B.I. discover about Laptops?

The Mr. Isaac said he told the bureau. He explained that he ultimately decided to call the F.B.I. as he was concerned about his safety due to knowing what was stored on the laptop and what it contained, which The New York Post said contained a video. “If I was somebody important, I would want to keep some of this stuff private,” said the man. “Nobody wants their dirty laundry aired.”

What transpired after the F.B.I. removed the equipment?

The president. Isaac said he did not receive a response from investigators. He also said he was wondering whether the laptop’s existence wasn’t disclosed during the impeachment process of President. Trump, and that he was beginning to worry that agents may be trying to hide the data that he discovered within the computer.

The president. Trump’s impeachment was focused on his relationship with Ukraine and, in particular, his efforts to force Ukraine’s president Ukraine to launch probes that would be beneficial to him. Trump politically, including one that focuses on Burisma along with the Bidens. To counter the claims against Mr. Trump abused his power and his supporter base, some of them such as Giuliani. Giuliani, also promoted accusations that there was fraud about Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine while Biden’s father was vice president.

The Mr. Isaac said “it just didn’t feel right” that the laptop’s existence was not well-known. “Somebody besides me should have known about it,” he added. The Mr. Isaac said he called several members of Congress who he could not name and did not receive a response.

What is it about concerns about Russian disinformation?

No evidence concrete has been discovered that the laptop is a source of Russian deception. The pressure is mounting upon the F.B.I. to answer questions by Congress about this laptop’s use, F.B.I. sent a letter to one of the president’s strongest allies in Congress Ron Johnson, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, insisting that it hadn’t discovered any Russian information on the laptop.

John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence also stated to Fox Business Network that the “laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.” However, the director of national intelligence. Ratcliffe, who has been criticised for supporting the agenda of the president in a job that is traditionally non-political but did not specify the extent to which agents of intelligence or F.B.I. verified the laptop’s contents, or if he was declaring that they hadn’t found evidence that Russia modified any of the information.

The laptop has raised concerns about Russian disinformation since the intelligence community has been warning since the beginning of time about Russian efforts to alter the elections and spread disinformation about Biden and the Biden family. Russia has launched an attack on the Biden family to discover facts that are detrimental towards and the Biden campaign, and most particularly through hacks on Burisma.

Officials from intelligence are also been advising that the White House that Russian intelligence officers were using Mr. Giuliani, who provided the hard drive to the tabloid as a channel for deception aimed at weakening Biden’s presidential run. Biden’s presidential campaign. Read more