Sofa Come Bed Price in Pakistan 2024

Sofa come bed price in pakistan, are you in search of an adjustable furniture option that can combine the convenience of a sofa with the comfort of an bed? You should look no further than the sofa bed! Here, we’ll examine the different aspects of sofa beds, and then discuss the prices within Pakistan for 2024. If you’re interested in buying one for your house or simply curious about trend in the market, this article is for you. Let’s get started and discover the world of sofas as beds!

Sofa are also referred to as sleeper sofas are unique furniture pieces that have the dual function of an ottoman and a bed. These are made to offer an inviting seating arrangement during the day, and change into a comfortable bed in the evening. This furniture is ideal for tiny spaces, guest rooms or any room where maximizing efficiency is important, sofa come bed price in pakistan

Types of Sofa Come Beds

Sofa beds are available in different styles, designs and sizes that accommodate different requirements and preferences. A few of the most common kinds are:

1. Pull-Out Sofa Beds

The sofa beds come with hidden mattresses that is able to be removed from under the seating area. They’re easy to transform into beds and provide plenty of space to sleep.

2. Futon Sofa Beds

Futon sofas come with beds that consist of a mattress that is placed on a frame foldable. They are light and easily maneuverable and adjust to various configurations.

3. Convertible Sectional Sofa Beds

Convertible sectional sofas come with beds and allow you to change the sleeping and seating arrangement to meet your needs. They usually include storage compartments for added convenience.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

When you are looking to buy a sofa bed there are some aspects to take into consideration:

1. Size and Space

Take a look at the space you have in your home and select an appropriate sofa that will fit perfectly without overcrowding the space. Check the measurements of the sofa in the bed and sofa places to make sure it meets your needs.

2. Comfort and Durability

Be sure to check for the high-quality of your upholstery and mattress for the comfort and durability. Select high-end materials that are able to withstand the rigors of daily use and give you a comfortable night’s rest.

3. Design and Style

Think about the overall look of your space before choosing an appropriate sofa to complement the design. You can choose a contemporary, modern or traditional style There’s a vast choice of options.

Popular Sofa Come Bed Brands

In the case of sofas that come beds, numerous reliable brands provide a vast selection of options in Pakistan. A few of the top brands renowned for their quality and fashionable designs are:

  1. Interwood
  2. ChenOne
  3. Habitt
  4. Casa Bella
  5. Index Furniture

Price Range of Sofa Come Beds in Pakistan

The cost of a sofa bed in Pakistan is subject to the factors like brand design, style materials, as well as additional attributes. In 2024, the cost of sofa comebeds ranges at approximately Rs. 30,000 and can go up to Rs. 100,000 or even more based on the factors mentioned above. It’s important to determine the budget and look into alternatives within the range to determine the most suitable sofa bed that fits your requirements and preferences.

Factors Influencing Sofa Come Bed Prices

Many factors influence the cost of sofa bed in Pakistan:

1. Brand Reputation

Brands that are well-known and trusted often have a higher price for their sofa beds because of their high-end manufacturing, durability, as well as after-sales support.

2. Design and Material

The level of design complexity and material used in the creation of sofa beds can dramatically affect the cost of their construction. High-end products and intricate designs are generally more costly.

3. Size and Configuration

Larger sofas have extra features like storage compartments or sections that can be adjusted might be more expensive in cost due to the extra features and the materials needed.

4. Upholstery

The quality and type of upholstery, like leather or fabric, will are also a factor in the cost. The best materials are costlier, but they offer greater durability and comfort.

Where to Buy Sofa Come Beds in Pakistan

There are many options to purchase sofa bed in Pakistan:

1. Furniture Stores

Find local showrooms or furniture shops that focus on home furnishings. There is usually a designated section for sofa beds, which allows you to look at different styles and test their ease of use.

2. Online Marketplaces

Marketplaces online like Daraz, OLX, and Homeshopping offer a broad selection of sofa beds and sofas from different brands. You can shop around, read customer reviews, and easily buy on the internet.

3. Brand Websites

Go to the official sites of the renowned sofa and bed manufacturers in Pakistan. They usually present their catalogs of products as well as detailed specifications and let you buy directly.

Maintenance and Care Tips

To prolong the life and beauty of your sofa when you go to bed make sure you follow these care and maintenance tips:

  1. Make sure you regularly vacuum or scrub the sofa regularly to get rid of dust and other debris.
  2. Clean up any spots or spills immediately using an easy detergent and an absorbent cloth.
  3. Be sure to avoid placing the sofa mattress in direct sunlight to avoid fade of the sofa upholstery.
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific guidelines for cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Make sure to rotate the mattress regularly in order to disperse the weight evenly, and to prevent the mattress from sagging.

Benefits of Sofa Come Beds

Sofa beds have a variety of advantages, which makes them a favorite option for homeowners.

  1. Space Optimization: They’re perfect for smaller spaces where separate seating or sleeping arrangements aren’t possible.
  2. The versatility: You are able to effortlessly move between a sofa or bed to meet diverse requirements and preferences.
  3. Hotel Guest Room: Sofa come beds provide the option of a comfy bed for guests, reducing the need for an additional bed.
  4. Multi-functionality: Some models are equipped with extra features, such as storage compartments, or adjustable sections that add convenience and function.


Are sofa beds suitable for use in the daytime?

Sofas and beds are made to offer convenience and practicality. But, it’s crucial to select a top-quality mattress and upholstery to provide maximum comfort while sleeping and for seating.

Can I alter the style and fabric of a couch that can be used as a to sleep?

Certain brands provide the option of customization, where you are able to select the style size, shape, and color in accordance with your personal preferences. However, this can influence the overall cost and delivery timeframe.

How long do sofa beds usually last?

The longevity of a sofa bed is dependent in the durability of its materials as well as the use and maintenance. If you take care of it an excellently constructed sofa bed will last for many years.

Do I dismantle and relocate the sofa into bed with ease?

The majority of sofa with beds that are designed for simple set-up and detachment. But, it is advised to follow the directions of the manufacturer or consult a professional for assistance to ensure safety when dismantling and removal.

Are sofas and beds suitable for children?

Yes, sofa beds can be an excellent alternative for rooms for children or playrooms. They offer a comfy sitting area to enjoy activities during the day as well as the perfect bed for sleep in the evening.


Sofa beds provide an efficient and flexible solution to optimize the space and function of your home. They can double as a sofa and bed, they offer the convenience and comfort of sleeping and seating arrangements. In Pakistan there are a variety of brands that offer various sofas that come in different styles sizes, styles and prices. If you take into consideration factors such as the size, comfort and budget, you’ll be able to locate the ideal sofa bed that will meet your needs.

If you’re looking to improve your furniture in the living room or host guests with a small area, a sofa with bed is a good option. Look around for prices, research the market, and choose a reputable brand to benefit from the advantages from this multi-functional pieces of furniture, molty foam sofa come bed price in pakistan

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